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Nate Simpson

Nate Simpson

London West End and Live Performance Vocalist and Pianist


Nate Simpson’s career has spanned many areas of the music industry, including his roles in the smash hit West End musical ‘Motown’ as Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, and Berry Gordy. He has also played Simba in ‘The Lion King’ in Paris, a national Tour as Nat King Cole in ‘The Crooners’.

His years in the industry has seen him perform live on national television and radio both in his own right as an artist and as background vocalist, In 2016, he reached the final 6 boys of the X factor UK, going on to achieve national airplay with his debut single and playing a host of high profile gigs in everything from arenas, to for the 2012 Olympics and festivals both nationally and internationally.

His exceptional voice and unique and soulful artistry has afforded him opportunities such as to perform for HRH Prince Charles, and he has played in line ups that have included the likes of Corrine Bailey Rae, Beverly Knight, Jamie Cullum, Jessie J, Jacob Collier, Boy George and many more, building him a great international acclaim!

Joe Armer

Joe Armer

Professional Jazz and Classical Guitarist


Joe Armer is a guitarist, composer, and educator based in London. A professional Jazz and Classical guitarist with over 4 years teaching experience, Joe graduated from the University of Bristol with a First Class Honours Degree in Music (BA) in 2017.

Joe’s specialisms lie in guitar performance but he also has an extensive background in music theory, composition, and musicology. Classical Guitar, Jazz, Brazilian Guitar music, music theory, and improvisation are particular areas of interest to Joe.

His teaching philosophy takes a holistic approach, tailoring each lesson to the individual student’s needs whist making each lesson fun and engaging.

Doug Cartwright

Doug Cartwright

Guitarist and Producer for Amid the Barren and Lost


Doug Cartwright is a guitar and bass tutor, specialising in modern techniques, applied harmony and theory and improvisation. As well as teaching over 500 students since 2005 as a private tutor and for schools including The Rhythm Studio, IGF/Ministry of Guitar and ICMP, his instructional material has been published by Lick Library, Guitar International Magazine, The Sound Magazine and others.

Doug’s most recent release is the 2018 album ‘Shadow Self Psalms’ by his band Amid the Barren and Lost, which Metal Hammer magazine described as “a new British metal gospel”. He performed all the guitars on the album, as well as recording and producing it.

Harriet Bill

Harriet Bill

Classically Trained Pianist and Violinist


Harriet Bill is a classically trained pianist and violinist as well as an experienced teacher. She studied at King’s College London and Trinity Laban Conservatoire; her areas of expertise include performance, improvisation, musical theatre, theory, and music history.

Alongside teaching, Harriet performs in a wide range of settings and venues which in the past has included the Royal Albert Hall and Royal Festival Hall in London. Whilst she enjoys performing, her main passion is teaching. She follows an individualistic approach with all her students to ensure they enjoy their lessons whilst reaching their full potential with the instrument.

Ivan Panella

Ivan Panella

Drummer for TheBeanZ, Olly Chamberlain, Rough Stone, and Toya Delazy


Ivan Panella is a professional drummer and a very passionate teacher. With more than 10 years of experience both in the studio and touring, he is specialised in many styles such as Rock, Funk, Hip-Hop, Jazz and many more. Ivan has been touring and playing Festivals with various Artists in most of Europe, the UK, USA, Russia, Japan as well as South Africa and other African countries.

He is currently playing with his own band TheBeanZ who are based in Italy and with local artists such as London singer/songwriter Olly Chamberlain, Rough Stone and London based South African singer Toya Delazy.

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